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Well well well...
ZappDate: Friday, 13/09/2013, 16:23 | Message # 1
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Not a surprise, I guess...

As I told in the "introductions" thread, I was thinking about leaving CBS to join 4fun.
Half of the job was made. I just sent a message on the CBS forum.

The other half is yours.

So, a bigger introduction has to be made :

My first name is Amaury, I live in Paris (France). I'm 27.
I work in a private security company.
Hobbies : Bf42, guitar, womens, and a lot of other things.

I started playing bf42 under the nick "ich". Then I entered CBS team and played as " [CBS]Zapp". I mostly play on SiMPLE server. My prefered maps are Berlin, Omaha Beach, Liberation of Caen, Bocage.

I play a lot as infantry player (medic) but I also like engineer and sniper. I'm trying to get better on zook, especially to shoot planes. It's hard but so funny when it works XD
I'm not bad at tanks, but I prefer artillery.
I'm a good jeep driver if someone need a taxi lol.
Worthless on planes and boats (I think boats are just boring), but if you have advices I'm ok.

I've been playing battlefield 42 almost since it came out, but I had no good connection and I only started playing it online 3 years ago. I've played 2 seasons with CBS team.

-Around the game
I'm a map-maker. I use battlecraft and I recently downloaded Editor42 but I can't handle it at the moment. If you're interested in making maps with battlecraft, I know most of the tricks and I can help you.
If you want to visit the maps I created, I can send you them.

If you want more information, ask.

Have fun wink

"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between."

Oscar Wilde
DennyDate: Friday, 13/09/2013, 17:04 | Message # 2
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Ok that was a fast decision biggrin
I welcome you then to our team Zapp biggrin Its nice to have you here
Quite a big introduction you made here, but we dont have much of the forum here, just a few threads, and do you have microphone? We sometimes use mumble when we play, because we dont have a teamspeak channel and ts can lag sometimes.When u get internet you should join us biggrin

lol rolleyes cool
KoBRa(exYU)Date: Friday, 13/09/2013, 17:38 | Message # 3
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Welcome smile DA!
ushumDate: Saturday, 14/09/2013, 08:57 | Message # 4
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Welcome my dear Zapping friend! biggrin Glad to have you on board with us!
Enjoy ze ride und eat some schnitzels while zey are hot! biggrin

My real name is Ivan, from Serbia( region Vojvodina ), other stuff, well, you'll find out along the way biggrin

See ya on server!
Forum » General » Join us » Well well well...
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