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Main » 2013 » August » 8 » How to download and install maps
How to download and install maps
1. go to
2. on the menu select - Downloads and click on- Ladder Maps
3. click on tank and infantry mappack
(click on picture)

4. open zip folder and extract the maps in your game folder, path should look like this:
Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels
extract the maps there and thats it

And one more thing, if you can, come this sunday at 19:00 on xfire, so that we can practice before match, cheers

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10 Flying_Dutch  
The whole next week im ofline so you must win without campion of Battle Of Britain won both today biggrin

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9 Syndrum²  
see ya tomorrow!
We eat those soldiers raw twisted

If you want to talk to me
I am now on xfire

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8 Syndrum²  
What is the address for mumble?

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7 Flying_Dutch  
My Xfire is not installed cause i have only downloaded games that are cracked and those will be broke if I use Xfire on them so I have mumble but not Xfire

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5 Flying_Dutch  
I had here the most useless comment by not reading discription :P so now I dont know how to delete this so I write this biggrin

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4 Denny  
during match we communicate on mumble, u dont even need to have mic, u can listen to us who have

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3 Syndrum²  
why mumble i use xfire??

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2 Sociopatico  
go and win.

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6 Flying_Dutch  
Like +1

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1 Denny  
And please make sure you have mumble installed, for instructions see Help section

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