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You've probably read it already, GameSpy is shutting down its multiplayers services in June 30, according to their website. This means several dozens of games will have limited or any multiplayer functionality, including Battlefield 1942 (BF1942). Specifically, Battlefield 1942 in-game browser will stop to work after June 30 and there will be no CD-key validation anymore. This will have a negative impact on all BF1942 players, since most use the in-game browser to connect to servers and also due to a code error, the game will freeze when they reach in-game browser after GameSpy is down.

What you have to do, as a player, is replace your BF1942 executable with a patched one, which has server replaced with and several other fixes included. If you have BF1942 CD-based (Retail) version installed you need to down ... Read more »

Views: 1420 | Added by: Syndrum² | Date: 21/05/2014

Hello people,

it's been some time since i played, but now im back. I want to tell you that our dear Dice took effort and created our bf server and own teamspeak channel and you can see banners on your right. You can connect to ts3 using this as address: or with berlin server IP-


I also have bad news regarding this game, gamespy is closing down 31st May, which would probably mean the end of public servers because servers will exist but wont be in servers list. Unless EA does something this is end.


Therefor as we have our own teamspeak and server, i would like to organize a small meeting at this sunday 27.04. at 19:00(postponed for next sunday 04.05. 19:00 ) to try to populate our server, and to talk about future of our clan if bf42 dies.

Be there!

Views: 898 | Added by: Denny | Date: 26/04/2014

Happy Easter to everyone, and dont eat too much ;)

Views: 918 | Added by: Denny | Date: 20/04/2014 | Comments (1)

Please sign in, their map bocage, our map UN berlin ok?
Come at 18:00
Please download un berlin map before match
Views: 1118 | Added by: Denny | Date: 10/03/2014 | Comments (11)

Welcome to our team Captain5skin and Knezevic
Views: 829 | Added by: Denny | Date: 28/02/2014 | Comments (8)

Please you who voted yes sign in so i know who will be there!
Views: 781 | Added by: Denny | Date: 23/02/2014 | Comments (7)

Welcome another new member DICE DA MAN
Views: 759 | Added by: Denny | Date: 22/02/2014 | Comments (6)

Welcome to our team  Deyji :)
Views: 752 | Added by: Denny | Date: 17/02/2014 | Comments (7)

Roses are red,
Weed is greener,
I think about you
when I touch my wiener.

Violets are blue,
And so will be you,
I’ll spank you so much
You will beg for my touch.

Flowers are stupid,
I cut them with shears,
When you feel my schnitzel
Your eyes fill with tears.

This makes no sense,
Poem is quite dumb,
I’m rollin’ in to deep
And that’s where I’ll cum.


By: Wiener-Schnitzel
Views: 1090 | Added by: ushum | Date: 30/01/2014 | Comments (4)

Views: 845 | Added by: ushum | Date: 29/01/2014 | Comments (3)

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