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News and meeting

Hello people,

it's been some time since i played, but now im back. I want to tell you that our dear Dice took effort and created our bf server and own teamspeak channel and you can see banners on your right. You can connect to ts3 using this as address: or with berlin server IP-


I also have bad news regarding this game, gamespy is closing down 31st May, which would probably mean the end of public servers because servers will exist but wont be in servers list. Unless EA does something this is end.


Therefor as we have our own teamspeak and server, i would like to organize a small meeting at this sunday 27.04. at 19:00(postponed for next sunday 04.05. 19:00 ) to try to populate our server, and to talk about future of our clan if bf42 dies.

Be there!

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4 ŠtefBauštelić  
About that,only thing I can say that I am sorry,I feel as if I betrayed you 2 times but damn it I forgot.

3 Denny  
Nobody there again, ok.

2 Knezevic  
Bad to hear about gamespy,there are a lot of great games that gamespy used to host.BTW i wasn't playing for some time too (internet problems).

1 Zapp  
Thanks to you, DICE !!!! You did a very good work !

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