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Nice poem
Roses are red,
Weed is greener,
I think about you
when I touch my wiener.

Violets are blue,
And so will be you,
I’ll spank you so much
You will beg for my touch.

Flowers are stupid,
I cut them with shears,
When you feel my schnitzel
Your eyes fill with tears.

This makes no sense,
Poem is quite dumb,
I’m rollin’ in to deep
And that’s where I’ll cum.


By: Wiener-Schnitzel
Views: 1091 | Added by: ushum | Rating: 5.0/3
Total comments: 4
4 ushum  
Hahaha biggrin Thank you drolja biggrin

3 Syndrum² ×  
Omfg hahahahahaha you drunk drolja

2 KoBRa(exYU)  
ahahahahah its impossible not to like yer inspiration xD great song mate!!!! rofled out xD

1 Denny  
ahahahaha i pissed myself biggrin
Schnitzel, you could make a welcum poem about our team, so we could post it when someone wants to join us xD

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